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Collaborative software, by design

A small shop

Tesly, LLC, is a micro-agency based in Kirkland (near Seattle), Washington, focusing on web applications built with Ruby on Rails. Given enough time and money, anything is possible!

A product company

I love building new products and trying out new ideas. I'm especially interested in applications that help people collaborate on getting things done. Check out some of the products below — more are always on the way.

A consulting company

I help you build your great ideas. From the moment you think of what you want to build, to the time you see it launched and ready for customers, I can help you make your ideas a reality. Feel free to contact me if you'd like to inquire about my availability for your project.


If you need a tool to help you manage your test cases, Tesly is for you. Built to help testers, QA managers, and developers to coordinate their efforts, Tesly is a web-based application that helps teams build quality products.

Due to a pending upgrade, Tesly is currently not open to new accounts.

If you've ever posted an ad for a job opening and had your inbox buried with résumés, you'll find that Catch the Best can come in very handy. Catch the Best provides a collaborative candidate selection experience, involving everyone on your team in the process of choosing the best person to hire. Now you can ditch the hassles of using Outlook to organize job candidates, forwarding emails around to get everyone's feedback, and losing track of great job candidates.

After writing the billing code for Catch the Best, and seeing a need for that some kind of code in a client project, I realized a number of Rails developers could benefit from not having to write that code. That realization turned into the SaaS Rails Kit, a development component for Rails developers who want to quickly add recurring billing and subscription management to their web applications. Other Kits have since been added to help Rails developers speed the delivery of their projects.

Selected Clients

Griffin Technology is one of the largest providers of accessories for personal computing and digital media. Well-known for their iTrip line of iPod accessories, Griffin excels at delivering useful and fun solutions for digital entertainment and personal computing.

Looking to deliver a new e-commerce platform based on Ruby and Rails, Griffin Technology enlisted my help in creating their new site. Working with an in-house designer and project manager, I delivered their custom storefront and content management system in time for the holiday shopping season.

Dave Mandelbrot and Brian Stolte had a problem, and it wasn't their love of guitars. It was that they couldn't find a suitable place online to express their love of guitars. So, they decided to build it, or rather, they decided to have me build it. Thus, Fretbase was born.

Well, I didn't do the blog — that's Wordpress — but I did build their guitar, artist, and song database, which provides a place on the net for guitar enthusiasts everywhere to share info about and experiences with their favorite guitars.

NextProof is an online proofing platform for professional photographers. In a matter of minutes, professional (and semi-professional) photographers can begin selling wedding images, prints, etc., without having to worry about setting up their own storefront, establishing a merchant account, and so on.

With my background in e-commerce projects and my photogenic appearance, I was a natural to help the BIG Folio crew build this fantastic hosted e-commerce solution for photographers. I built everything from the image management through to print delivery, and Erik at BIG Folio did the design.


Engine Yard is an excellent hosting provider, and is always my first choice for hosting. With Engine Yard's cloud offering, it's extremely easy to get going with a reliable and flexible hosting environment that can grow as your business does.

I have dealt with a number of merchant account providers and credit card processing gateways, and Merchant Focus stands out for their service and speed. I recommend Merchant Focus to all my clients interested in processing credit card transactions.

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